WV PACThe WVOP-PAC actively supports pro-optometry candidates for elected offices. These candidates have expressed or shown their support on issues critical to our profession and to our patients. We know these individuals are "with us" in protecting our profession!

Organized medicine, ophthalmology, insurers, vision plans, and internet contact lens retailers relentlessly and repeatedly attack our profession at the Capitol by aggressively backing efforts to gain control over how we practice! "Re-Energize" your WVOP-PAC so it can support PRO-Optometry candidates and help us keep our seat at the table whenever health care policy decisions are made! 

By investing in the WVOP-PAC, doctors are helping to safeguard our position as WV's #1 Primary Eye Care Physicians as well as our independence and our expanding scope of practice. The WVOP-PAC is helping to educate and inform our friends in the WV State Legislature about the importance of Optometry's role in health care.

We strongly encourage you to "Re-Energize" our WVOP-PAC and DONATE TODAY to protect our rights as Optometric Physicians in West Virginia.

By making your voluntary contribution today, you are taking an important stand for our profession!

NOW is the time to "Re-Energize" the WV Optometric Physicians PAC.

Clubs for the WVOP PAC include:

Capitol Club - $2,800
Platinum Club - $2,000
Gold Club - $1,500
Silver Club - $1,000
Bronze Club - $500
Volunteer Club - $250

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